Wedding in Cortina d'Ampezzo



Your 360 ° wedding tailored made in Cortina d'Ampezzo


Your wedding concierge to get married in Cortina without worries

We plan your wedding in Cortina d'Ampezzo together with you, together with my staff we help you choose the perfect location and settings.

From the graphic project of the event, with a rendering of how your unforgettable day in the Dolomites can be,  to the invitations, the booklets of the ceremony whether a religious or civil wedding, the choice of music for your wedding in Cortina

We coordinate suppliers like an invisible direction, from transfers, photographers to videomakers, fitters, catering or restaurants.

We help you choose the supplier that best suits your needs.

Thanks to our suppliers agenda we can recommend the atelier for the choice of clothes, hair stylist and makeup ...

We will take care of your young and old guests  leaving us each   worry.

We are able to take care of hotels, apartments, or rooms in a refuge to get married in Cortina without worries.

The help of an expert wedding planner is the best resource for managing your budget, protecting you with all suppliers for a perfect event in Cortina d'Ampezzo

We are available for any request, every wedding in Cortina is tailor-made for us, different from the other.



mall details


The details  for a wedding in Cortina they are important, they must excite.

Because those who choose to get married in Cortina do so  because he loves our mountains, the Dolomites , its traditions, the fairytale landscape .


lways present

The secret of an expert and professional wedding planner is discretion, present but aloof.

Attentive to every detail , available to the requests of the couple and their guests, ready to quickly solve any problem that may naturally arise during the management of the event.

Because getting married in Cortina is a fairytale wedding in the Dolomites , but you need to know every unknown and every problem  and be ready to solve it without burdening the spouses.

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